‘Mar Roxas deserves no vote from Yolanda Survivors’ – People Surge

“Mar Roxas betrayed us many times. If he looks back and sees his role in the ‘Yolanda’ rehabilitation, he better shoot off from his presidential ambition. We will not support this opportunist politician who was narrowly fixated about gaining plus points using his post as Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary (DILG) Secretary. His incompetence is apparent in several crisis situations, after Yolanda and during typhoons Ruby and Seniang. But afterwards he will always manage to project himself as hero.” This was the statement of People Surge spokesperson Marissa Cabaljao as she reacted to the recent Pulse Asia survey result on presidential candidates.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Party is anticipated to announce tomorrow their own standard bearers. Cabaljao added that even as he soars higher in recent surveys among presidential aspirants, she said that Yolanda survivors will push for a ‘no-vote’ campaign in the Visayas for the Liberal Party bet Roxas. She adds: “It is downright insulting for Yolanda survivors in the Visayas to allow one of the ‘Gang of 5’ who designed and supported the flawed and anti-people rehabilitation design, including the enforcement of the No-dwelling Zone (NDZ) policy in calamity-stricken areas.”

It can be noted that Roxas was in Tacloban City as the key official in charge of civil defense. A day before the storm hit Tacloban, he left the place. People Surge said that Roxas, like President Aquino, was not around when his political leadership was needed. His succeeding TV appearances just made headlines. “Those tactless statements and political grandstanding at a time of crisis – we will not forget that, not simply because we feel enraged by the past but because we fully recognize him as the poster boy of gross incompetence and implementor of the ‘Noynoy Aquino’ brand of deceptive and anti-people leadership,” said Cabaljao.

In Eastern Visayas today, a number of homes are being demolished to make way for ‘development projects’. Peasant communities affected by Ruby and Seniang were reportedly unattended to. The communities along No-dwelling Zones (NDZ) are threatened with forced evictions if they do not relocate to other areas. People Surge said that “a no-vote campaign against Roxas is one sure step to claim justice for Yolanda survivors”. In this light, People Surge announces today the first of a 40-day countdown to the Global Day of Rage against Neglect and Impunity on November 8. At least 20,000 people are expected to converge in Tacloban City to mark the second anniversary since Yolanda.

No toMar
Marissa Cabaljao
Secretary General
People Surge


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