The US Asia Pivot: A trail of blood and violence

International Festival for Peoples Rights and Struggles (IFPRS 2015)

By Marjorie Pamintuan, Secretary-General, Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN)

I come from the Philippines, a country whose people’s struggle for independence and democracy against its Spanish and Japanese colonizers was hijacked by the United States through a mixture of deception and bloody military intervention, under the guise of ‘liberation’, and the offer of ‘civilization’ to our people. Little did we know that this process of ‘civilization’ led by the US itself would kill more Filipinos in 15 years compared to the number of deaths during the 300-year Spanish rule.

Even after the supposed “freedom” granted to the Philippines, the country, through the collaboration of the elites, remains beholden to the economic and political interests of the United States through different unfair trade agreements and military deals. Up to this day, the Philippines remain a bastion of US influence in the region. The history of the US intervention in the Philippines holds…

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