NOW HAPPENING | ‘Salubungan’: Fluvial protest marks convergence of Yolanda survivors

Press Release
November 6, 2015

‘Salubungan’: Fluvial protest marks convergence of Yolanda survivors

“A new surge is coming. This time, it is no longer the storm surge which killed thousands from our ranks. It is a surge of people asserting for justice and accountability; it is an empowered people willing to flood the streets, storm the government and surge forward for a better world,” Marissa Cabaljao, People Surge Secretary-General declared.

People Surge, a name inspired from the notorious storm surge, leads a huge protest action in Tacloban Ground Zero today. Delegates from other points of Eastern Visayas will be welcomed along the Cancabato Bay near the Tacloban City Astrodome.

“The symbolic significance of fluvial protest narrates how the disaster, the storm surge, triggered a movement among disaster survivors,” she said.

Cabaljao noted that demand for justice and accountability should push through despite efforts from the government to quell the dissent from Yolanda survivors.

“People Surge volunteers like Jefferson Custodio are being harassed and killed. Several People Surge members are threatened that they will not be released of the much needed financial assistance. We even receive reports from the grassroots that some People Surge members are blackmailed of being delisted in the 4Ps. Our members in rural barangays, meanwhile, are militarized,” Cabaljao added.

“But we will not cower. We owe this to our loved ones who did not make it to this point and to the living who suffer the everyday injustice of government negligence,” she noted.

The delegates welcomed at the Salubungan (Convergence) will join the thousand other survivors who are demanding accountability from the ‘disaster president’ and the world’s top polluters from developed countries. #


Marissa Cabaljao
Secretary General
People Surge Alliance for Disaster Survivors in the Philippines

Facebook: PeopleSurge | Twitter: PeopleSurge |
Website: or
Tel Numbers: TNT – 09071363325 | Globe 09164915652

photo from Marissa Cabaljao
Photo by April Porteria. People Surge Chairperson welcomes Samar fluvial contingents docking along Cancabato Bay near the City Astrodome, 8am today, in a symbolic handshake with People Surge Executive Vice Chairperson Erik Abebuag from Samar.

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