‘Palace is in a state of delusion on Yolanda recovery’ – People Surge

“Everyone else is convinced that reconstruction in Yolanda-affected areas are snail-paced except Malacañang,” People Surge Secretary-General Marissa Cabaljao said in response to Malacañang’s statement that much has already been done in a span of two years.

Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte said official records of the Palace directed “critics to official records to see how much the government has done in rebuilding and rehabilitation two years after the strongest typhoon on record devastated Eastern Visayas.”

“Valte and his boss Aquino should step down the ivory tower of Malacañang and check the concrete situation on the ground to assess what they brag as ‘accomplishments’ in the span of two years,” Cabaljao said.

“If they are indeed doing everything, how come millions of disaster funds remain idle despite our still hapless situation?”

“They brag that they performed better than US in the post-Katrina recovery. But a developing country like Venezuela managed to build 100,000 permanent houses in less than a year. What Aquino and his cohorts failed to do in two years, a fellow developing country managed to accomplish in less than a year!”

“They keep on harping that land acquisition is the ultimate problem. But the true problem is lack of political will. Bureaucracy should not be an excuse. As the President, he has the power to fast-track government processes,” Cabaljao said.

“He prioritizes the displacement of households erected along No Build Zone areas because of the billion-wort tide embankment project but he could not implement speedy acquisition of lands for their relocation?”

Cabaljao further assailed Valte’s statement that “we are making good progress in our rebuilding efforts” and “multilateral agencies like United Nations are recognizing that.”

“What about UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights for Internally Displaced Persons Chaloka Beyani’s statement that Yolanda efforts are inadequate? What kind of cover-up is this?”

“Truly, Palace is under a delusion. Or deliberately bragging something out of nothing. Or trying to save its face from critics,” Cabaljao said.

'Bring to account those responsible'.
‘Bring to account those responsible’.

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