Yolanda survivors make ‘San Juanico Bridge’ a ground of protest

A virtual juxtapose of ‘tuwid na daan’:
Yolanda survivors make San Juanico Bridge a ground of protest

SAN JUANICO BRIDGE is now a ground of protest.

san juanico protest

Here, on the ground of San Juanico Bridge, the longest bridge in the country and in Southeast Asia connecting Leyte and Samar, we proclaim that for us Yolanda survivors from Eastern Visayas, there is no ‘tuwid na daan’, Marissa Cabaljao, People Surge Secretary-General said.

We want to establish the irony of Aquino’s tuwid na daan,” Cabaljao said juxtaposing “tuwid na daan” to the curvy road of San Juanico Bridge.

San Juanico Bridge is a road of convergence. This is the point that connects everyone in Eastern Visayas. We send a clear and strong message that we are united in demanding accountability to the government headed by no less than President Benigno Aquino,” Cabaljao said.

We reiterate our call to frustrate the political ambitions of Liberal Party Presidential bet Mar Roxas who insulted our plight in so many levels. A vote for Roxas is a vote for accountability,” she stressed.

Two years ago, Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) ravaged Central Philippines, leaving thousands dead and missing.

People Surge believes that President Aquino and his chronies have criminally neglected disaster survivors for their slow and inefficient, privatized and corruption-riddled rehabilitation program. #


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