Lies on Yolanda will not make Roxas win – People Surge


Lies on Yolanda will not make Roxas win – People Surge

People Surge, the biggest alliance of Yolanda survivors, calls distasteful the circulation of a comic book depicting Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Mar Roxas as a hero of Yolanda. People Surge Secretary General Marissa Cabaljao expressed disgust over the insensitive act to revise recent history and confuse the public away from the truth.

According to the group, it must have been the prodding of desperation to salvage Roxas’ poor showing on surveys. The effect, however, has backfired on him. Cabaljao adds that the PR project failed to hide the glaring issue on criminal neglect where Roxas played a big part.

“His mere presence in Tacloban City before, during or after the storm is not something he can bank on to save his record. It neither clears off his own accountability that resulted in massive deaths of more than ten thousand. Hunger continues in Yolanda areas while billions of money have gone missing. Yet no one has been put to jail,” Cabaljao exclaimed.

People Surge also pointed that during the #PiliPinas Presidential Debate in Cebu City, Roxas did another Pontius Pilate by selectively answering only for the funds channeled through the local government units under his watch as former Interior Secretary. Cabaljao has noted Roxas’ consistent evasion to answer the bigger issue on how the P200 billion Yolanda funds were actually utilized.

Amid the so-called ‘persistent effort to confuse the public from historical revisionism’, Cabaljao calls on fellow disaster survivors to never forget Yolanda. She calls on the public to cast their vote this coming election against Aquino’s anointed predecessor Roxas. “We must be critical in choosing the right candidates from pretentious ones. Let us not spare from criticism those Admin political bets who also try to capitalize on the Yolanda issue like the inutile former Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla and former Rehab Czar Panfilo Lacson,” said Cabaljao.

After the book went viral on social media, Cabaljao mockingly offered Roxas to write the next release. “We will write him an elegy to complement his nearing defeat. His only chance of presidential victory is to cheat the next automated election,” Cabaljao ends.


Marissa Cabaljao
Secretary General
People Surge Alliance of Disaster Survivors



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