Yolanda survivors to Duterte: Rehabilitate Eastern Visayas, not the power-hungry Marcoses

Dr Efleda Bautista, Chairperson of People Surge, joins other Yolanda survivor-leaders to meet President Duterte during the third Yolanda anniversary commemoration marked by a massive protest against prevalent hunger and poverty in the region.


Yolanda survivors group, People Surge will join tomorrow’s Black Friday Protest in Luneta to urge President Rodrigo Duterte to redirect his efforts to the rehabilitation of Yolanda-hit areas particularly in Leyte and Samar instead of playing a part in the politcal rehabilitation of the power-hungry Marcoses.

“Yolanda survivors are one with the whole nation in denouncing not only the clandestine burial of Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani but more importantly, this brazen attempt of the corrupt Marcos family at revising our history and the evils of Martial Law,” said Dr. Efleda Bautista, Chairperson of People Surge.

“Yolanda survivors stand united against the infamous proclamation of the Marcoses that Tacloban is their political bailiwick. We are not. And we refuse to be the stronghold of a dictatorial family who ruthlessly perpetrated gross human rights violations and who mercilessly plundered our nation’s coffers. That beyond such label of Eastern Visayas are the genuine clamor of the people for service,” said Bautista.

“President Duterte must seriously reconsider his position in this issue. The unrepentant Marcoses do not deserve any ounce of rehabilitation, instead it is the people of Eastern Visayas who rightly deserves it. Three years after Yolanda and other less known but equally destructive tphoons, ravaged our region, justice and genuine pro-people rehabilitation programs remain elusive. Statistics implying lower poverty incidence in our region is nothing but a lie because our farmers still remain poor and hungry.”

Following the third year anniversary since Yolanda struck Eastern Visayas, People Surge will be launching a massive caravan of disaster survivors from all over the region to storm the national capital. Farmers for example are battling the twin problems of the absence of genuine rehab programs and the widespread crop infestation such as the cocolisap for coconut and bunchy top for abaca, both of which are prime agricultural outputs of the region. The dismal state of rehabilitation in general have tremendous and disastrous effects on the poor sectors of the region and the group hopes that this caravan will make the Duterte administration see the urgency of responding to the people’s clamor for change.

“We challenge President Duterte to effect his promise of change for us Yolanda survivors. His administration must now take concrete steps to end the three-year injustice brought about by the criminal negligence of the previous administration. In the same manner that we will never forget the fact that Marcos is no hero and undeserving of any honors, we will never forget our call for justice and accountability, genuine, pro-people rehabilitation programs and .”

DR. EFLEDA BAUTISTA, Chairperson, People Surge
0939-478-1340, peoplesurge.ph@gmail.com


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