About People Surge

People Surge is now the Alliance for Disaster Survivors in the Philippines. It is based in the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines, the ‘ground zero’ of super typhoon Haiyan’s (Yolanda) devastation. It remains the broadest organization of Haiyan survivors that was originally established on January 2014 in Tacloban City.

The name ‘People Surge’ is an allusion to the two People Power in the Philippines that toppled two regimes through collective action. It is also a metaphor to the storm surge that drowned people and communities during Haiyan’s wrath.

This surge of people among the ranks of disaster survivors in Eastern Visayas will continue to gather strength and rise up to exact justice from the inept Philippine government. Its campaign and advocacy is based on a broad understanding on the interconnection of disaster, environment, climate, politics and society.

People Surge continues the campaign for a rehabilitation program where people, not big business, is at its core. It continues to lead the disaster survivors’ struggle for accountability, human rights, climate & social justice, and for ultimate system change!


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